CC6 Building Your Own Team

More with the Bakers of Funraisers, Inc. in Granger, Indiana.  Dave Kempher and the crew talk about building your own improv team, followed by a game of Good, Bad and Worse Advice.


CC1 Why Improv? – Comedy Criminals Podcast

Improv is a double threat: useful AND fun.

Here’s the first episode of Comedy Criminals: The Podcast, in which the Comedy Criminals talk about the hows and whys of improv comedy, and have a little fun along the way.  This week’s crew is Dave Kempher, Kaitrin Higbee, Kasey Roske and Patrick Roske, along with host and podmaster Dave Dufour.

Improv (improvisational comedy) is great actor’s training, and it’s fun.  For the Comedy Criminals, it’s sometimes a competitive activity, but mostly, it a good way to connect to audiences and stretch one’s acting skills of listening, trusting, reacting and more.

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